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The Worlds First National Park

I went to Yellowstone National Park a long time ago with family. I think we were just passing through to or from Jackson, WY. I can only remember briefly driving through, seeing some of the old burn sections, Old Faithful, and maybe a moose.

One of the best things about being an adult now is being able to appreciate things more, and boy is this place appreciatable!

We’re camping in some idyllic fairy tale woods a half hour from the park entrance near small town Island Park, ID, and have spent a couple days between here and touring around the park. We’re both loving the pristine beauty of this part of the country. Rolling green hills littered with wildflowers, cow pastures, clean air, pure lakes and rivers, purple mountains majesty.¬†America is pretty amazing, and we’re incredibly lucky to live here.

We’re always discussing the pros/cons of the places we pass through, wondering out loud if it’s a place we could see ourselves settling down in;¬†if it meets some magical list of criteria. Who knows if we’ll find perfection, but this is pretty high up on the list.

I know someday I’ll be toting my children around on summer vacations, shaking my head as they are totally oblivious to how blessed and privileged we are to enjoy such wonders of nature and beauty.

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