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Trees of Mystery

We knew we wanted to see the Redwoods in California long before our big adventure. We landed at a tourist attraction near the coastal town of Klamath called, “Trees of Mystery,” which reminded me of a theme park for tree lovers. You are immediately greeted by two towering sculptures of Paul Bunyan and his sidekick, Babe.  I was instantly intrigued and so was the 8 year old next to me jumping up and down trying to touch Babe’s “goods.” 😂

The entrance fee was kind of pricey but when we realized what was included, I’d say it was well worth the $16 admission fee. The real bonus for us was that our little pup, Marty was welcome on the trails, gift shop and museum and even on the gondola ride! How cool is that? It is always a plus when your furry friends are welcome to join you on your adventures unlike most national parks. This attraction had quite a unique variety of redwoods to gaze upon, while offering a cute story of a tall tale as you make your way to the exit into the gift shop. The gondola ride lasted about 7 minutes and you were given the option to hike back down or hop on for another ride. We decided to do the 1 mile hike down which I wouldn’t recommend trying if you have knee issues or have trouble with steep inclines. Safety ropes and walking sticks were provided but I still ended up on my rear end. 😜

Another item off the bucket list for now and plenty more to experience! Now what are you waiting for, go plan your next vacation to see the largest trees in the world!





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