Why would you leave your dog at home while camping? thumbnail photo

Why would you leave your dog at home while camping?

If you’ve been following our Instagram account you know that we recently rescued a cute, camping canine named Marty near Seattle. Aurora James, at http://dogetiquette.info, has written an awesome article about camping with your dog, check it out for some awesome tips!

If you haven’t taken your dog camping with you, what are you waiting for? You love being outdoors and experiencing wildlife and gorgeous views — what makes you think your dog wouldn’t love that, too? Before you go, follow these tips to make sure you and your pup have a safe and happy vacation.

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Whether you like to rough it in the wild or you’re more the glamping type, your dog will be happy to be along for the trip. Now that you know how to be safe, start planning your next excursion. Save a toasted marshmallow for your pooch.

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