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John Mayer at the Gorge

Wow talk about “Gorge”-ous!

This incredible venue is said to hold up to 20,000 people and gives a whole new meaning to the word Epic.  The concert started at 7:00pm so we did what any John Mayer fan would do, get there early of course! We left around 5:40pm and waited in traffic for about 45min until we were on our way into John’s warm embrace. 🤗 About 8 miles away from the venue, we stumbled upon a scenic campsite, Frenchman Coulee. A Washington Discover pass is required to stay here but well worth the small annual fee of $30. This pass allows you to stay at any of the WA state parks which is useful.

We decided to get tickets on the lawn, which by the way were so much fun! Don’t forget to bring your cozy blanket to stretch out on and some tasty treats. You can expect to drop $15 on a cold brewski or a whopping $12 on a single taco (yikes). Sure you’ll find yourself surrounded by your chain smokers, high pitched screamers and all the crazies but that’s what you’d expect when you’re at a concert…right?

Things I’ve learned about John Mayer:

Fact: He sounds great live if not better

John strongly dislikes digital cameras or any professional grade camera equipment at his shows. (We had to walk our cameras back out to the car or else they would gladly throw them away for us….boo)

John is a story teller and cracked a few jokes here and there 😂

Lastly, John is a BABE, what else is new? (Chris most definitely has a man crush on the guy)

Verdict of the night: Worth every penny, go see him live at the coolest venue in the world!

photo of JM from unknown source

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