Well Hello, We are Chris and Ang

Thank you for visiting our page! We’re living the life we’ve always imagined traveling full time in our tiny home, Ogi.

Black and white photo of our travel trailer attached to our Ford F250

Our love has always been strongest on the road

We feel the most alive when on an adventure. Both seeking a change of scenery, we moved to Maui from small towns, Eau Claire Wisconsin and Prescott, Arizona. Little did Chris know that he would meet his future bride, and Angela would meet her future headache. Due to lack of cash and high cost of living, Maui not only taught us to live simply but also to collect memories, instead of things. Living on an island was the beginning of a pursuit to discover what really mattered in our lives.
  • Simplicity
  • Shared happiness
  • Travel
We've always felt closest when stuck for hours in the same vehicle. We share more, sing louder, laugh harder, and eat crappier. Realizing that we craved adventure and exploration, we knew we needed to pursue it as a lifestyle. We had our doubts on where or how to start. Would we couch surf?  Perhaps stay in those cheap motels (the ones with the paper thin walls and scratchy towels)? With some helpful advice and knowledge from family, we were captivated by the idea of living in a travel trailer.

Our Tribute to Eomma (Mother)

Born in Masan, South Korea, Ogi moved to Oahu as a young entrepreneur where she met her husband Kevin and opened their first printing company, Campbell's Copy Service. They later moved to Arizona to raise a family. Ogi worked very hard, was a wonderful and strong mother, and had a happy life. She always said that after retiring she wanted to buy an RV and travel across the country with her husband and two canine companions. Mom's love language was gift giving. She always put others before herself without expecting anything in return. Her success was a reflection of her actions, she would rather act upon it rather than talk about it. After a long battle with breast cancer mom's life had another plan for her. She never had the chance to make those travels physically but her beautiful soul is always close by during ours. Inspired by mom, we've decided to take action and start living out our dreams now rather than later. We're excited to bring her along with us and share the stories of the kind hearted people, like eomma, that we meet along the way.
Photo of Ogi wearing a white sunhat at the beach Photo of Ogi and her sister, Mina Photo of Ogi wearing a yellow scrunchie

See you on the road

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